Frequently asked questions

How do I know which package is best for me?

Check out our quiz to help decide which package will best suit you! We also provide a free 20 minute phone consultation to answer any questions regarding your admissions process. Sign up here!

How do I book a service?

First, sign up for your free phone consultation where we’ll discuss which service is best for you. From there, we'll send you an invoice to complete booking at that time.

Do you offer services for non-traditional applicants? What about applicants with a low GPA or minimal patient experience? What about for career-changing applicants?

YES! A lot of research and detail have gone into developing our strategic model of services. Our goal is to help transform each applicant into the ideal candidate, no matter the profile or background!

How do I know IDEAL Admissions is the right choice?

As the PA profession grows, more people are learning about how rewarding being a PA is which means more people are applying to PA school, making it more competitive to get in. Our team at IDEAL has done just that. Not only have we successfully navigated the admissions process and beat the odds, we’ve sat on the other side, serving on admissions committees. Our unique perspective sets us apart. We know exactly what programs are looking for and we know where you need our help!

How long will this process take? How long is the turn-around for edits?

All services MUST be complete within 30 days from the start date (the date the invoice is paid in full). Typically, we strive for edits to be returned within 1 week of submission and we ask the same of each scholar. We will work together during our initial strategy planning session to create mini-deadlines to help us stay on track to meet your goal submission date. You may request an expedited turn-around within 24-48hr pending availability, for a $25 service fee per request.

What services do you offer for second-time applicants?

Let us know during the consultation that you're a second-time applicant. When you book your service package, we'll also schedule a time to review your previous CASPA application, free of charge!

Can I create my own service package?

We’d be more than happy to help create the ideal package for you. Sign up for your free consultation and let’s get started.

Do you all offer payment plans?

We accept payments via PayPal, which offers options for financing. Learn more at

How does the mock interview work?

The mock interview is an a la carte service that can be added to any service package or purchased seperately. It includes an exclusive E-book to complete prior to the mock interview to best optimize our session. During the 30minute interview, you will be asked personalized questions based on your CASPA application as well as the E-book followed by a critique session with tips and pointers on how to better improve your interview presentation as a whole.